mercredi 27 février 2008

Libérez les / Set them free

Ces deux affiches sont accrochées à l'entrée de l'hôtel de Ville. La ville soutient la cause d'Ingrid Bétancourt et de Miguel Galvan Gutierrez.
Ingrid Bétancourt a été enlevée par la guerilla colombienne le 23 février 2002. Pour plus d'informations, c'est par ici.
Miguel Galvan Gutierrez, journaliste Cubain, a été condamné à 23 ans de prison pour avoir exercé son travail.
Malheureusement, ils ne sont que deux exemples parmi tant de cas...

These two posters are hang up in front of the city hall.
Ingrid Bétancourt was kidnapped in februar 2002 by the Colombian guerilla warfare as she fought campaign for election. If you want more informations and details, it's here.
Miguel Galvan Gutierrez, a Cuban journalist, was sentenced to 23 years' imprisonment, just because he was doing his job!
Unfortunately, they are not the only ones to be in such a bad situation...

3 commentaires:

Sally a dit…

Thanks goodness there are still people who campaign about such things.

Murphy_jay a dit…

Did the banners help to raise awareness of the injustice they suffered?

yoshi a dit…

to Sally : I agree with you. Unfortunately I heard today that Ingrid Bétancourt was not very well ... Thanks for your comment!

to Murphy_jay : Yes. It's the aim of these banners. I think that it's better than doing nothing. Thanks for your comment!